Conquering the world with languages –
learning German at GIST!

At GIST, our students join us from Germany and from around the world. As a partner in the network of 140 German Schools Abroad, it is our clear promise to quality that all of our students learn the German language at GIST with confidence and enjoyment.

We address the following questions for you:

  • Can my child attend GIST even if she or he does not speak German?
  • What support will my child receive, even if we do not speak German at home?
  • Will my child be able to participate successfully in class without knowing German?
  • What support will my child receive if she or he already speaks well, but still needs help learning grammatical skills?
  • How does the GIST team encourage an active use of the German language?
  • My child enjoys using the German language and needs more challenges. What support can the GIST offer?

At our school, we offer the appropriate German language program for each child, responding to the very individual language skills of our students.

At GIST we work with a “three-step program” that

  1. introduces your child intensively and reliably to German (Step 1: GermanFASTTRACK),
  2. constantly expands and develops language development (Step 2: GermanPLUS),
  3. and addresses additional language challenges (Step 3: GermanPRO).


Starting in the 2021/22 school year, all students attending GIST in grades kindergarten to grade 4, and with no knowledge of German will participate in our new GermanFASTTRACK program. The program is designed for those children who have had none or minimal contact with the German language. In the GermanFASTTRACK program, the children participate in an intensive German language program for up to two hours each day. The goal is to allow the children to participate in regular German classes as quickly as possible.


All students who already have an average to good knowledge of German and who also speak German regularly in their environment are invited to attend GermanPLUS lessons. In the GermanPLUS lessons, the focus is on active language use, expanding vocabulary, refining grammatical knowledge and deepening the current content of the lessons in class. The GermanPLUS lessons take place in a small group, two to three times a week.


For all students who are already well advanced within their German learning and who would like to work on further challenges, the GermanPRO lessons are suitable. In these classes, students learn to intensively prepare presentations, extract information from various media, practice selected questions for competency tests, and also experiment with special language and word phenomena.