We are providing rich benefits for our students!

“We know that a happy and engaged student is one who will perform well academically.”

The GIST provides rich benefits for our students in terms of classes and academic support. Our students also gain a full range of extra-curricular activities and opportunities, which promote an active and energetic student life. It is important that our students compliment their academic pursuits with authentic experiences inside and outside of the school. We know that a happy and engaged student is one who will perform well academically, but will also contribute to the spirit of the school. Select these wonderful tenets of school life below and see how your child will love their education and experiences.



Learn more about what we have to offer:

  • Student Life at GIST

    We would say students at the GIST are energetic and engaged, nurtured and supported, always involved and quite busy. We know and care for each of them. Surrounded by our international community of staff and fellow students, our children are given comprehensive opportunities to pursue their interests and passions, develop skills, learn to improve their personal well-being through our Charakter Program, and meet new friends.

  • Athletics

    Physical and Health Education are part of the curriculum up to Grade 10. When possible, the school has been able to compete in Athletic events in an association for small schools (SSAF).

  • Arts

    The arts abound everywhere at the GIST. Students take music and fine art. They also play a major role in co-curricular activities and clubs. Concerts, plays, and other performances like the Christmas Bazaar and Project Week shows are not to be missed. A walk through our school will give testament to our enthusiasm for art.

  • Field Trips

    Trips allow our students to explore the wider world. We wish to offer them experiential opportunities which enhance our rigorous curriculum and reflect the culture and history of the City of Toronto, the Province of Ontario, and what is authentically Canadian. Our field trips include the following:

    • Chudleigh’s Apple Farm
    • Kortright Conservation Area
    • The Royal Ontario Museum
    • The Art Gallery of Ontario
    • High Park Nature Centre
    • Young People’s Theatre
    • The University of Toronto
    • Mackenzie House Museum
    • The Haunted Tour of Toronto
    • Evergreen Brick Works
    • Ontario Science Centre
  • Project Week

    While most schools are in the process of winding down for the year, we accelerate our learning during the second last week of June. Months prior to this week, teachers and students together choose a theme, and then four to six smaller groups are created, which reference the central theme. Past examples have included Canada’s First Nations, Space Exploration, the PanAm Games, and Canada 150. Project week begins with a school-wide field trip to a relevant place of interest as per the central theme. The week culminates with a school showcase of all of the projects, on the adjacent Saturday. What a great way to end the school year!

  • Student Support

    Individual support for our students is important at the GIST. Besides Language Support for English and German, we also have a system where students can arrange to see a liaison teacher. As we are a small school, homeroom teachers also play a significant role in helping students.

  • Co-curriulars and Clubs

    Co-curriculars and Clubs are wildly popular. We recognize and encourage the varied talents and interests of all of our students. Our clubs center on STEM (science, technology, engineering and math), plus fine arts, music, and athletics. Clubs have included the following: Lego Robotics, Arts, Piano, Softball, Coding, Needlepoint, Woodworking, French, Cooking, Chess, Drama, Star Wars Arts, and Martial Arts. New club offerings are posted for each new term.

  • Student Council

    Leadership begins in Grade 1 and expands with each advancing grade. Students can engage in community service, class activities, clubs and field trips. Our Student Council has also helped to write recess rules regarding play and behaviour and set uniform free days. They meet twice per month with two teachers they have chosen as their liaisons with the school’s administration and faculty.

  • Camping Trip

    At the beginning of each school year, we begin with our signature excursion, a true Canadian camping experience! A traditional Canadian camp outside of Toronto is our destination. This four-day trip, for Grades 3 – 10, is designed to foster new friendships, bring returning and new students together, and provide a fantastic Canadian outdoor adventure and education. Highlights include swimming, outdoor education and games, and of course, roasting marshmallows over a campfire, while gazing at the stars. Truly an incredible experience you can give your children.

  • March break & Summer camps

    The GIST offers our own families, their friends, and any student in the city, two exciting camp opportunities. These day camps are also designed to welcome prospective families to the GIST, who may wish to give us a try. Both camps feature a native English speaking teacher, and a native German speaking teacher, to enhance the language component for students wishing to improve in either language. They are also a great deal of fun! Our March Break camp consists of two weeks, with one week in common with all of the publicly funded boards, and the other in common with other private schools. Our summer camp, called KINDERCAMP, has two sessions and runs in July and August.

  • Competitions

    Competitions are an excellent way for our students to engage with their peers in Canada and around the world. We compete in challenges in the fields of Mathematics, Fine Arts, English, and German. Our students have garnered success in winning a national podcast competition in 2014, and being published in a Canadian anthology of written narratives, over the past four years. Our internal speech competition, held in late April, is judged by some notable individuals from German academia and government. Our younger students (SK – G4) participate in a Bike Rodeo. This is a friendly competition developed by our fantastic local police department to encourage bicycle and road safety.