Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math

As the German International School Toronto, we are proud to be part of the network of over 140 German International Schools. Amongst the eight German International Schools in North America, the discussion and profile accentuation around the diverse area of STEAM_MINT takes place in very different ways. A Maker Space, lab and the development of a STEAM_MINT program are fantastic ways to partner with international experts and scientists from the industry.

Together with our partner BASF, we are working on the development of a STEAM_MINT profile at GIST and we are looking forward to giving you the first insights into these exciting and challenging milestones on our journey.

– Kathrin Sander, former Principal –


On November 18th, 2021, GIST received the “MINT-freundliche Schule” award (MINT-friendly school). MINT is the German equivalent to STEM.

Under the direction of the Department of Natural Sciences and within the framework of the school’s quality management, didactic priorities are
constantly being set, projects for all grades are being created and our lab is continuously being further developed. We are incredibly proud that this
development is now honoured with the receipt of this award!

A special thank you goes to Ms. Huberth, who worked with continuous support together with Ms. Hülsmann on this important certification.


For further information and for the press release (German version) please visit
Auszeichnung „MINT-freundliche Schulen“ und „Digitale Schulen“ an deutsche Schulen im Ausland 2021 – MINT Zukunft schaffen!

What does STEAM_MINT @ GIST mean?

The German term MINT can be explained with the learning areas M for mathematics, I for information technology, N for natural sciences and T for technology. STEAM is the English-speaking counterpart and consists of the learning areas S for Science, T for Technology, E for Engineering, A for Arts and M for Math.

The GIST is a private school in Toronto that combines the best of both, the German and Ontario curriculum to deliver an outstanding science and technology program.

Who is STEAM_MINT @ GIST for?

At GIST we have children in kindergarten, elementary school and middle school. The lab can be used by all children. In this way, we increase interest in the natural sciences in the younger generation, break down inhibitions and promote talent.

Why are we developing STEAM_MINT @ GIST?

STEAM_MINT @ GIST follows the teaching principle of research-based learning and offers the opportunity to go deeper into inquiry based learning, ask questions, collect ideas and hypotheses, try things out and carry out experiments, observe and describe, record and discuss results. The students receive a comprehensive education in a learning environment that combines scientific work with scientific and humanistic knowledge.

What special focuses does STEAM_MINT @ GIST set?

Under the leadership of the Department of Natural Sciences (Johanna Huberth) and within the framework of school quality management, the STEAM_MINT working group (teachers from the kindergarten, elementary school and middle school) sets up the lab and selects the engaging focus of the next projects.

What is STEAM_MINT @ GIST looking forward to?

We are looking forward to trips to the zoo, the Royal Ontario Museum and the University of Toronto. We are also excited to explore, design and experience outdoor areas and the Ontario Lake with our new lab materials and technology. The visits by experts and scientists are going to be exciting, as it allows us to ask professional scientific research questions. The offer of technology-based learning is going to be phenomenal, and we are looking forward to all the experiments using the new and high-quality BASF materials.

Thank you BASF!

With the great support of BASF, we were able to equip our lab with an exclusive laboratory kitchen and facility. The meeting point of our school community for experimenting, researching, designing and building is currently being built here. This environment enables the children to gain new learning experiences. We look forward to all upcoming and exciting projects and to the successful cooperation with BASF!