We feel compelled to deliver the highest standards in language education.

“Language acquisition, with the ultimate goal of proficiency.”


We are experts in teaching German. Highly skilled and experienced teachers craft a balanced program, with increased instruction time in German when needed, and a fully bilingual approach, once students gain a higher level of German language proficiency.

All our German teachers are native speaking experts, with additional qualifications in teaching German as a Second Language. In Grades One to Four, German classes are taught by two teachers concurrently, ensuring that each student receives individual support. Unlike any other school in the GTA, the GIST allows children to authentically learn German. If you would like your child to grow up bilingually in Toronto, come and meet with us! We would love to set out the benefits of bilingualism and explain how our language program serves children best. We welcome students without any level of knowledge of the German language up to Grade 2.

We use standardized language test to assess the language proficiency of our students. All students participate in German third party testing (VERA) and take their first steps towards the German Language Diploma (Deutsches Sprachdiplom – DSD). Competency test results offer valuable information to further enhance teaching strategies and to individualize the language support offer


Our unique, state-of-the-art, curriculum in English is deeply rooted in the Ontario Curriculum, and enriched with our competency-orientated focus on language development. Standardized third party testing ensures quality.

Our program assists all students in developing strong English skills. English native speaking children benefit from our program as much as children who may have very limited knowledge of English. From Grade 1 to Grade 6, all our English classes are delivered by two English teachers in the same room. Our students participate in Canadian writing competitions, are responsible “Reading Buddies” for our Kindergarteners, visit theatre plays and debate passionately in our lunch room.

The English Curriculum is a unique course of study, based on The Ontario Curriculum. This ensures, that our advanced English speakers can continue to excel in English and develop in line with their respective peers in Canada. Our beginners catch up quickly and strongly benefit from our team-teaching strategy which assures individual support in class. We use Canadian teaching and learning supplies for native speaking classes. Additionally, we offer ESL resources from Ontario and from Germany.

All our students, including our German students, participate in Canadian standardized competency tests (Education Quality and Accountability Office – EQAO) in Grades 3 and 6. Over recent years, all our students reached or surpassed their respective grade level in English (reading and writing), giving the school an amazing 100% track record.


The GIST French curriculum is based on highest German curricular standards for French. It is competency-orientated, clearly structured and directly linked to our excellent teaching and learning supplies.

French is one of Canada’s official languages. This is our motivation and our commitment. Beyond this, the deep and historic friendship between France and Germany affords the French language considerable importance in the German educational system as well. The GIST’s curricula for French are modern, competency-orientated and based on German standards for French as a Second Language. Since all our teaching and learning supplies are written in French and German, our students constantly face linguistic challenges, making them confident French speakers and creative problem solvers.

We start with a French Club for our first and second graders. This is an enjoyable introduction to French with lots of games and songs.

The regular French program begins in Grade 3.

Language Support

Language acquisition takes time and effort. Occasional setbacks are to be expected when growing up bilingually. This makes language support so important. The GIST offers complimentary, intense language support in German and English, the support program for French is in planning phase.

Students receive additional classes in small groups, conducted by language support experts. We offer support classes for different ability levels, so that every student receives the support they need. Additionally, the team-teaching setting in regular classes allows individualized support and provides teachers with enough time to fully uncover their students’ potential.

To further assist students learning German on an academic level, we immerse students in German language learning in a variety of subjects. Explicitly, this means that students enhance their German skills at the same time as learning Math or Biology through our unique language concept that extends to our science and arts classes. This is called “Deutschsprachiger Fachunterricht (DFU)” and simply means that “every lesson is a language lesson”.

If you are interested in further details regarding our Language Program, we are happy to meet and speak with you.