We take pride in our strong school-parent partnership!



We take pride in our strong school-parent partnership, which supports student development and helps to provide a welcoming atmosphere and community.

At the beginning of the school year, the parents of each grade level elect two parent representatives. Together, all of the parent representatives form the GIST Parent Council.



The Class Representatives:

  • Liaise with the class room teacher.
  • Help to resolve issues affecting a class.
  • Help to raise funds for classroom projects as needed.
  • Advise parents on topics arising in the classroom.

The Parent Council:

  • Provides input and feedback as requested by the schoolโ€™s administration.
  • Shares parental concerns that affect more than one grade level with the schoolโ€™s administration.
  • Initiates and/or supports fun, community building, and fundraising events throughout the school year. Our biggest effort each year goes toward organizing our wonderful and ever-growing Christmas Bazaar.

The Parent Council meets monthly. All parents are welcome to attend. The minutes of each meeting are made available.

We organize monthly Morning Teas, Flea Markets, and Parentsโ€™ nights out to Ripleyโ€™s Aquarium and to Second City.

In previous years, the Parent Council had worked on assisting to improve the value proposition of our school uniforms, organizing a warm school lunch, and taking our wonderful Afternoon Program to the next level. As needs change, or opportunities arise, we may revisit these items or address new topics.

If you have any questions about the Parent Council, would like to share an idea, provide some feedback or address a different matter, please contact us.