Are you new to Toronto?

“We welcome not only German expat families, but any family who is moving to Toronto.”

Moving to a new country is a fantastic and exciting opportunity – but it also comes with lots of questions and uncertainty. Especially if you are relocating as a family with children! The German International School Toronto (GIST) as part of a worldwide network of German Schools AbroadΒ can help alleviate some of this uncertainty.

At the German International School Toronto, we welcome not only German expat families, but any family who is moving to Toronto as part of an international work assignment or for personal reasons. They are warmly welcomed in our school community and can rely on the worldwide network of German Schools Abroad for future relocations. We understand that finding the right school for your children is of utmost importance. We can make a difference in this process.

How do we do that?

  • We ensure a smooth transition into a new, yet familiar school routine.
  • Students may express themselves in their native language which provides a great level of comfort.
  • We offer a fully bilingual Kindergarten program.
  • We have an excellent English and French program starting in Primary School and continuing into the secondary Grades.
  • In Primary School students will benefit from the advantages of the German primary school program including learning cursive handwriting.
  • We offer an accelerated curriculum in Grades 5-8 with 50% English or French instruction time.
  • More than merely imparting knowledge, our distinctive CHARAKTER program aims to educate the whole child by providing students with a moral compass for life.Β 
  • Students will experience a smooth transition back to Germany, into another German School Abroad or any other school of their choice.

We can make a difference for your entire family!

  • Our school community is small, vibrant and engaged.
  • You will be welcomed with open arms, supported by the community and your questions will be answered in no time.
  • You will quickly meet and get to know many other German, Canadian and International families,Β who faced similar challenges.
  • We celebrate wonderful German and Canadian traditions.
  • Your support, knowledge and input is very welcome if you would like to become an active member of the community Β (Parent Council, Board of Trustees)


Let us show you in person how the GIST can make a difference for your family. Click hereΒ to book a tour or contactΒ our administration office to request more information. Β