We have a clear MISSION!

“Progressive and competency-focused German curriculum.”

Our Mission Statement

We provide high-quality internationally-relevant education based on a synthesis of content & competency-driven instruction for students who aspire to be multi-lingual global citizens.

A GIST education offers a well-blended school curriculum, which links the progressive and competency-focused German curriculum with the highly respected and content-based Ontario curriculum. The result is a fascinating educational offer that is both challenging and future-orientated.

Our program, โ€œCHARAKTERโ€ย educates the whole student and speaks to the heart, mind, and soul.

A GIST education offers excellent trilingual education in German, English, and French. In todayโ€™s and tomorrowโ€™s world, intercultural competency and proficiency in more than one language are the pathways to success.

A GIST education brings modern character education to the classroom and school community.