Yes it is! The academic year 2016/17 has come to an end.

Hello everybody to the last Principal’s message of the year.


While I was reading the report cards of our students, I noticed some things that I think are worth sharing with the community (and with all the other interested visitors, of course).

Be prepared, we will hop between various topics…


German speakers learning English

Did you know, that some of our 4th graders wrote short stories that have been published in a Canadian Short Story compilation? Oh, maybe I should mention, that these successful students are all German native speakers…

Did you know, that our Drama Club puts on shows in English? Try to guess which one of the actors is not a native English speaker…good luck!


English speakers learning German

Oh yes, German is not super simple to study. However, it is fun at our school. At the GIST, some of our Canadian families learn German altogether. Some Daddies speak German remarkably good already. Keep that spirit up!

Did you know, that the “German way” to learn how to read pays off in a very fascinating way? Our young native English speakers read faster and more fluently in German than in English. Don’t blame our English program! Look at the paragraph above this one…


Do the Math

I just read in the report cards of our 4th graders, “The student is confident with numbers that range up to 1 million.”

Did you know, that the Ontario Curriculum expects students in Grade 6 to handle numbers up to 1 million?


We all live in The 6ix

Did you know, that our Social Studies students studied ethnic communities in Toronto?


Charakter made a difference

Did you know, that our students ran a lemonade stand and were able to support the food bank program of a Scarborough Public School for three weeks?


Let’s play Ball!

Did you know that the GIST has a Softball Team? The GIST Wolves fought hard at local 24-team tournament and scored homeruns. The audience was howling!


German children are Kinder

Please don’t get offended! Kindergarten is a German word and all our children (Kinder) have lots of fun and happily learn.


No one ever wants to go home

Come in at 5:30 PM and see parents trying to take their children home. Funny sight.


Time to say Good-Bye

I wish all our students, families and staff members a great summer vacation, lots of sun, and a happy time. Try to relax and recharge. It was a wonderful school year with you. Thank you so much for everything.



Mark Benkelmann