GIST is for everyone!


The German International School Toronto is different. It has offerings that won’t be found in any other school in Toronto, including a unique combined curriculum, education in three languages, a family-friendly afterschool program, supervised homework support and an excellent Charakter Education.

Our curriculum:

The GIST follows an advanced German curriculum and complies with the Ontario curriculum. Students leaving the GIST have assessments that are recognised both locally and internationally. For more information about our Kindergarten, primary and middle school curricula, please visit…

Curriculum KIGA
Curriculum grades 1-4
Curriculum grades 5-8

Our languages – German, English and French:

It is a German/English bilingual private school, yet its students are nearly fluent by grade 8 as well. For more information visit….

German language program
Benefits of Bilingualism
Excellence in Languages

GIST offers a unique and family friendly afterschool program:

While academics are important, the GIST distinguishes itself in many unique ways. The school day conforms to the European model and ends when lunch begins at 1:15pm. Parents have the choice of picking up their children then or enrolling them in the afterschool program and picking them up when they finish work.

The activities in the afternoon run from 1.45 pm until 3.15 pm. The offered clubs include Drama, French, Chess, Karate, Computer Coding, etc. – the activities are constantly advanced in the interest of our students. This means that your child’s afterschool activities can be completed before you pick them up—leaving more time for your family in the evenings. For more information about our current clubs, contact us at

Supervised homework and language support:

Supervised homework time is scheduled in the afternoon, so that homework is completed by the time children are headed home. There is no need for non-German speaking parents to be concerned about helping with German homework—it is already done by pick up. Language support classes in English and German are included in tuition and take place before the first period in the morning.

GIST offers a “Charakter” Education:

The GIST is an innovator in character education with its Charakter Program. This initiative is to compliment social, academic and physical education by giving students the skills to make socially and morally grounded decisions.

Charakter Education

Our children are smiling:

The children are smiling, happy to see each other and can often be seen skipping in the halls. With our advanced curriculum and all our activities, the biggest challenge for parents is getting them to want to come home at the end of the day.

Attention new families: We offer our Ambassador program for every family in our school community. Ambassadors are trusted and long-term school community members, have various experiences in different grades and can give valuable insights into our school life. For more information visit Meet our Families.