Strong Mind

Strong Spirit

Strong Body

Strong Community

CHARAKTER must be experienced to be truly known.

Starting in Kindergarten, GIST students learn to be independent – because they can! We teach our students to take responsibility, so that they become a stronger, more prepared adult.

GIST students learn how to learn through competency-based teaching. When they face a challenge they are confident to approach the problem from different angles to arrive at a solution on their own.

At the GIST, students are always encouraged to respectfully explain their point of view, demonstrating reason, logical thinking and resulting in them taking pride and responsibility for their actions.


High Standards & Commitment to Quality

Create and present the best ideas and results you can.

and Initiative

Combine creativity and confidence to be the leader of your life.

and Kindness

An open mind builds a strong community.

Self-Organization and Self-Responsibility

Be accountable for being prepared physically and mentally to learn.

and Respect

The culture of respect is woven into our school culture and lived by every member of the school – every day.

and Discipline

Growth happens when you struggle and persevere, building the skills to overcome challenges.

We invite you to walk through our hallways and you’ll see it in action. When you and your child experience GIST CHARAKTER – you will know how powerful it is at bringing out the best in every student at our school.