GIST – After School Program

Our After School Program

Our teachers offer a diverse and engaging afternoon program for our students in kindergarten to grade 10.

Students in grades JK through 10 have the option of staying in the afternoon care until 3:15 pm or 5:30 pm. Afternoon care can be booked on an annual or daily basis. If you book in advance for a school year, you will benefit from a flat rate. While homework assistance is a cornerstone of the offering and a great added-value for parents, there are also free play and outdoor activities integrated into the afternoon. To add to the offerings, students can also sign up for our clubs and extracurricular activities.

During the afternoon program, we offer a variety of clubs/extracurricular activities which start after lunch breaks and usually take place from 1:45 pm to 3:15 pm (later for higher grades). The most common clubs include sports, French, art, music, yoga and many more. The clubs vary every school term but the offer is always broad. Clubs are announced via newsletter at the beginning of each school term, with further instructions on how to sign up. Β 

If you have already booked afternoon care for the school year, there is no charge to participate in internal clubs offered by GIST teachers. External clubs offered by third parties will be charged separately.