GIST Families

“Our girls made the adjustment to a new country very quickly and smoothly thanks to the welcoming environment at the GIST.”

The Wüstenberg Scott Family:

We moved to Toronto from Berlin in late 2015 with our three girls (then ages 8, 4 and 1). When we lived in Germany, our older girls attended English/German bi-lingual kindergarten and later elementary school. The girls are equally comfortable in both languages. And they were both thriving in the style and structure of the German education system. When we moved to Toronto, we wanted to find a great school community for the girls that would offer German language and very high standards of teaching. We found that community at the GIST.

It is a small school – but that brings some distinct advantages. Our girls made the adjustment to a new country very quickly and smoothly thanks to the welcoming environment at the GIST. Everyone knows everyone – and it feels like a big family. All of the teachers really know all of the kids – from the youngest to the oldest. The ratio of teachers to students is unbeatable, and the faculty are first rate educators – many of them holding high level qualifications from Germany. They are able to personalize the educational experience for each child, often customizing lessons and homework to challenge, inspire, and motivate the kids. The teachers are always open to listening to our concerns and suggestions. There is a unique mix of German and Canadian language and culture from the mix of faculty, staff, parents, and students that come together from different backgrounds and experiences.

We are very pleased to be a part of the GIST family and encourage anyone considering the school to join us.

The Bünte / Xue Family:

Children are our future, and our children's future is education.  When it was time to start thinking about our daughter's education, we were fortunate enough to attend an open house hosted by the German International School. We were presented with a school focused on the individual, with small classes, dedicated teachers and a curriculum that combined the best of two school systems. Indeed, when Cecilia began attending the GIST, that is what she got, and we could not be happier with our choice.  

What impresses is not just the school’s sense of community, the engagement by staff and parents, but the top notch curriculum. The learning materials are fun and engaging. The result is that our daughter is learning with a smile on her face.  Every day, it is a struggle to tear her away from the imaginative well planned after school program.  

As parents, we recommend families seeking a quality education for their children take a serious look at the unique value proposition that the German International School Toronto has to offer. Your children will thank you for it.

The Miller Family

The German International School Toronto has provided our children with a start to their education that you simply cannot find anywhere else in the city.  Small class sizes and low teacher-to-student ratios help create an environment of inclusivity and ensure all students are given the attention they need. Two-way language learning provides an opportunity for students to gently begin their bilingual journey at any age or knowledge level. School unity is founded on strong moral and ethical development, focusing on individual character in a school-wide program that brings all ages and grades together to grow into young people of confidence, humility, empathy and understanding. Beyond this, the tuition costs for enrollment are markedly less than other private schools in the area. As a Canadian family with no German heritage, we are proud to be a part of the community that is the G.I.S.T.

Familie Beuchel

Unsere Kinder besuchen seit November 2016 die GIST. Sie haben sich sehr rasch in der neuen Schule eingelebt und fühlen sich dort sehr wohl.
Das Leben in einem fremden Land mit einer neuen Sprache bietet viele neue Möglichkeiten, stellt für Kinder aber natürlich auch eine gewaltige Herausforderung dar. Wichtig war uns Eltern deshalb, unseren Kinder etwas "Bekanntes" im "Unbekannten" anzubieten. Die GIST schafft hierfür einen sehr geeigneten Rahmen. So unterrichten die Lehrer nach einem Bildungsplan, der unseren Kindern ein direktes Anknüpfen an das deutsche Schulsystem nach unserer Rückkehr ermöglicht. Zudem schafft die Schule zahlreiche Möglichkeiten für einen sinnvollen und raschen Zweitspracherwerb. Wir freuen uns darüber, dass unsere Kinder individuell gefördert und gefordert werden. Und dass sie neben der Wissensvermittlung wichtige Schlüsselkompetenzen im Rahmen der "Charakterbildung" erlangen, die im täglichen Miteinander mit Mitmenschen von großer Bedeutung sind. Unsere Kinder gehen Tag für Tag gerne zur Schule und haben ein sehr gutes und vertrauensvolles Verhältnis zu allen am Schulleben beteiligten Personen.