GIST Grades 5 – 8

“A curriculum featuring the best of Germany and Canada – competency oriented and content enriched.”

Highlights of our Secondary School Program

  • Students are provided with the opportunity to develop into well-rounded students who can interact proficiently with others on a local, national, and international stage in more than one language.
  • Students learn to think critically, to debate, to exercise independence and initiative, while taking responsibility for themselves and their studies through discovery, projects and problem solving; in turn, they enjoy academically challenging programs.
  • Within our small classes and due to the individualized and differentiated learning atmosphere, students can excel beyond their peers.
  • When transitioning to a Canadian school or a German school (in Germany or another German School Abroad), our students have had nothing but seamless and successful experiences.

The curriculum in Secondary School

  • Rather than just “Science”, we offer its disciplines in independent courses: Biology (G5-8), Chemistry (G7-8), and Physics (G7-8). All our teachers, in their designated courses, have degrees in those subjects and can offer their unique expertise, all within the best pedagogical practices.
  • Our courses are set at 50% German instruction and 50% English instruction, bilingual (German and English), and French.
  • Language support for both German and English continues until Grade 8.
  • What is commonly referred to as “Social Studies” in Ontario schools is divided into History and Geography (both subjects following the curriculum of Thuringia), and Social Studies (a curriculum addressing the socio-cultural History of Canada, Ontario, and Toronto.)
  • Information Technology is integrated into several courses until Grade 6. It becomes its own course in Grades 7 and 8.

Quality Management

It is our priority to ensure that every student can prosper and reach their full potential. All our students are encouraged to participate in standardized third party testing.

  • Thuringia Competency Tests in Grades 6 and 8
  • Grade 6 EQAO
    Ontario’s competency test for English (reading and writing) and Mathematics
  • German Language Diploma (DSD) level 1, corresponds to the Level B1 of the Common European Framework of the Reference for Languages

Additional Resources