When my husband’s company sent us from Stuttgart to Toronto for three years, one of our main concerns was our children’s schooling. They were in grade 5 at this time and we were hoping that our stay would help our twins to learn English fast and fluently. On the other hand, we were concerned about adjustment issues and disadvantages upon our return to Germany, where they would have to reintegrate into the highest-level school in a three-tier system… (The Knabe Family) More

When we moved to Canada in 2008, our 11-year-old triplet girls had been attending an excellent American public school in the Bay Area. While they were brought up speaking German quite fluently at home and had always attended German Saturday schools, switching them to a German full-time school was still an experiment… (Susanne Birker-Guillen) More

Our children’s names are Jan and Stella and they have been attending the German International School Toronto (“GIST”) for four years. Today they are 14 and nearly 12 years old and will finish grade eight and six respectively this month… (Dr. Winz Casagrande) More

It is with fond memories that our daughters Tania and Maya remember their days at the German International School Toronto (GIST). They have spent the first 5 years of their school life at the school and felt right at home starting with Kindergarten… (Sandra Nahas and Tawfik Sidhom) More

Our sons Luis and Moritz enrolled at the German International School Toronto at the age of five and eight and studied there for almost six years. They successfully completed grades 1 to 7, that is both elementary and secondary school, up to grade 5 and 8… (The Rehkugler Family, Mercedes-Benz) More  

It has been nearly a year now since our family returned to Germany. We lived in Toronto (Canada) from July 2007 to July 2011. Right from the first day, we experienced the new country, the people and our friends and neighbors as a tremendous enrichment for our lives. We felt right at home in no time and thoroughly enjoyed our time there until the four years were up. The German International School Toronto was a major reason why our stay was such a huge success… (Katja Becker) More