The German International School Toronto provides a progressive five-day bilingual Kindergarten program. The Kindergarten Program corresponds to the German “Kindergarten” curriculum and reflects significant aspects of the Canadian Kindergarten curriculum. It is taught at two levels, Junior Kindergarten and Senior Kindergarten, and runs from 8:15 AM until 1:15 PM daily.

Entry into Junior Kindergarten is open to students who turn 4 prior to December 31 of the year of entry, while Senior Kindergarten students are required to turn 5 prior to
December 31.

Students of both levels are integrated and taught within the same environment. This setting allows for Level 2 Kindergarten students to be prepared for entry into Grade 1 the following year, and for Level 1 students to grow beyond the typical confines of their current level naturally.

The Kindergarten program focuses on:

  • group activities that challenge the overall development of each child
  • speech exercises as preparation for primary school
  • phonetic exercises
  • calendar year comprehension
  • musical exploration and participation
  • preparation and celebration of annual festivals and holidays of both Germany and Canada as they occur throughout the year
  • language exposure through music and games in German and English
  • sports activities

While the Kindergarten offers a German immersion program, the development of age-appropriate English language skills is encouraged. The German International School Toronto admits students at any time during the academic year. For an information package please click here, or call 416.922.6413.