Grades 5 – 8

The program of our Elementary School (Intermediate Grades 5 – 8) is based on the curriculum of both the German state of Thuringia and the Canadian province of Ontario. These curricula are both recognized as one of the best and most challenging programs in their respective countries.

In addition to German, English, French and Mathematics, the Grade 5 – 8 program also includes History, Geography and Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) as well as the Arts, Music, and Physical Education. As is the case in other programs, subjects include Canadian content.

In Grade 6, the standardized assessment of the province of Ontario (EQAO), which evaluates the students’ skills in Reading, Writing and Mathematics, will be offered.

While German, Mathematics, and English lessons are taught at class level or in small groups, subjects like the Arts, Music, and Physical Education are presented in an integrative manner. In this environment students of all ages learn to interact and engage in these more spirited and creative activities, fostering collaborative behaviour.

Classes for students from Grades 5 through 8 generally start at 7:45 AM. The school day usually ends at 1:15 PM. Some subjects are scheduled during the afternoon however, thus extending the day to 3:15 PM.

As a non-inspected Canadian private school the German International School Toronto is currently unable to offer an academic program that allows Canadian students to earn credits towards the Ontario Secondary Students Diploma. The school however intends to offer Grade 9 and beyond for all students in the medium term, following a Ministry of Education inspection.

The German International School Toronto admits students at any time during the academic year. For an information package please click here or call 416.922.6413.

NEWS: Please click here for some information regarding our optimized language offering in the 2016-2017 academic year.