Grades 1 – 4

The program of our Primary School (Grundschule) is based on the curriculum of both the German state (Bundesland) of Thuringia and the Canadian province of Ontario. These curricula are both recognized as one of the best and most challenging programs in their respective countries.

Students are introduced to language studies (German and English), Mathematics, Science and Social Studies; the goal is to provide a foundation they can build on for the rest of their school career in any part of the world. In addition, the program is enhanced with a myriad of Canadian topics, with an emphasis on Canada as a country, the city of Toronto and the city’s multicultural aspects.

In all grades, the goal is to follow the Ontario English curriculum as closely as possible. Students who are less proficient in the English language when they join receive additional support to elevate their skills to the required level as quickly as possible. Ontario’s standardized test in Reading, Writing and Mathematics (EQAO) is offered in Grade 3.

As is standard in Ontario schools, the German International School Toronto integrates French into the program from Grade 4.

The Arts and Physical Education are an integral part of the program:

  • The students have weekly lessons in Music and Visual Arts – which culminate in live performances at school events like the Annual Lantern Parade or the Christmas Bazaar.
  • The students’ artistic endeavours can be enjoyed throughout the school halls and classrooms.
  • Physical Education is part of the weekly schedule.

Classes for children from Grades 1 through 4 generally commence at 8:35 AM with most classes ending by 1:15 PM.  Afternoon classes conclude at 3:15 PM. The German International School Toronto admits students at any time during the academic year.  For an information package please click here or call 416.922.6413.

NEWS: Please click here for some information regarding our optimized language offering in the 2016-2017 academic year.