GIST – Charakter




Our Charakter education program is unique to the culture of the institution from which it originates. On the surface, it might look like any other character education program in a Canadian school. However, there are tangible differences, which will be to the advantage of families enrolling at the German International School Toronto. This is not a program which merely presents a monthly virtue and leaves its community to ponder, discover, and learn about that specific virtue and what it might mean to them. Rather, ours is a program which is alive, changing, leaves nothing to chance, and most importantly, engages our students’ emotions through direct life experiences, which will remain with them indefinitely. Aside from strong academia, our students are being given a foundation that not only provides them with a moral compass, but an ability to self-evaluate and critically regulate their own performance, as well as authentically and positively impacting their peers and the wider community.

Why Charakter for my child

Many of the tenets of the Charakter Program might be quite familiar to the culture and dynamic of your own home. Would it not be an advantage to have the high standards and practices of your parenting mirrored and reinforced in another setting? Often what is established by you, might be difficult to transfer and apply to other contexts and environments. We are able to deliver a program befitting of your own vision for your child’s future. We recognize that the most important relationship your child has is with you; however, we also deem that with strong academics must come specific virtues, which will give rise to a moral compass, self-responsibility, independence, a commitment to quality and a steadfastness of character, which can only come through this confluence of knowledge, wisdom, morality and personal agency. The 21st Century will seek those individuals whose knowledge is wielded by the wisdom found in a program like Charakter.