GIST – Our After School Program



After School Program

Many schools offer an extension to the school day. These programs are often merely supervisory in nature. Ours is discernably different. Commencing at 1:45 PM and concluding at 5:30 PM, students may participate in a program which only seeks to enrich their afternoons. The program is fashioned within our pedagogical framework and further enhances our ability to strengthen the value of our language program for every student, from beginners to native speakers.

Naturally, our staff has a wonderful affinity for children and an understanding that after some considerable time in lessons, students would like a diverse and engaging program.

While homework assistance is a cornerstone of what is offered, and a huge add-value proposition for parents, there is also free play and outdoor activities integrated into the afternoon. To extend the experience further, students from Grades 1 – 8 may also enroll in our Clubs Program. This is a parallel segment to our main program, which occurs from 1:45 PM to 3:15 PM and offers a variety of exciting clubs such as Robotics, Softball, Needlepoint, Junior French, Chess, Arts, Drama and others. Clubs are offered in both school terms and are wildly popular. We make the whole school day something your child will want to talk about when they come home!